• Frequent training and workshops for students
  • Personality development classes
  • Online and offline student support system to ask questions
  • IB curriculum and pedagogies to early childhood education
  • Entire premises is under CCTV surveillance
  • Center of excellence
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Result oriented teaching and guidance
  • Full time power back up

Sanskar Educational and Welfare Foundation is an apex educational and welfare foundation which provides all major courses under one roof. It is the No. 1 organization of its kind in Okhla.

We provide education, focuses on overall personality development and provide assistance in career building. We give 100% job guarantee after completion of course.

Apart from covering school syllabus, we also inculcate good habits among the students. We make them understand the values. We let them know the International culture, curriculum, languages etc. We provide special classes for languages like French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Expert lectures, seminars, webinars, on-the-job and off-the-job training, workshops etc are also provided to the students to make them extra-ordinary. Industrial visit, educational tour, educational fare, annual exhibition / function etc. also organized. All this is done to enlighten the students with practical know-how and to make them aware of the present market scenario. The students are invited to participate in event management so as to build a team of future managers.

Annual excursion / trips are organized to let the students familiar with different culture, to make them understand the nature’s beauty, to pave the way to think beyond the books. In educational and annual excursions students are allowed to think and write or to do something productive of your own choice which creates poets, literary persons, bloggers, artists, painters and educationists.

Students are also taught something relevant beyond their syllabus and about various fields like voluntary services, first aid, health and hygiene, proper sanitation, building up of a good nation, unity and integrity, policies of the government to eradicate education, poverty and illiteracy, policies of the government regarding social change, trade policies, fiscal policies, monetary policies, higher education, how to make bright future, the changing scenario of market etc.

Students are divided into various clubs of based on their area of interest. They are given the opportunity to lead, supervise, communicate and motivate others. Internships programs are also organized for them for experience. They are asked to organize and participate in literary and cultural events from time to time. Further, the students are given time to think and act in the school values academically, socially, environmentally, and/or philosophically, and how allowed to connect with what you also care about.

In a nutshell we provide child centered education where students find lots of opportunities to contribute to the community surrounding the school and also build their career.


The primary purpose of SEWF is focussing upon the students as the foundation is for them. The emphasis in education would be on character building, patriotism, and cultural and moral values among the students. It provides quality education, nutritious meals and comfrotable accomodation for students. We prepare students for Civil Services, AIMS, IIT’s, IIM’s, Judiciary, Railways, Bank P.O., Management Sciences and Huminities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation is to create empowerment, leadership, foresightedness, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial skills and self discipline among students.

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