Sanskar Creche:

The foundation also works as a crèche / day boarding / day care for the wards of working parents. We have nursery, rest room, playing are and television for the overall care of the students. Keeping in view the need of the society we have established this unit. This is especially established to facilitate the working families so that their burden can be reduced. We help the students in completing their home work as well. In our crèche, we take care of children with proper sanitation, providing hygienic food, activities for fun, recreational facilities like T.V., soft toys, baby climbers, rockers etc.

Our campus is centrally air conditioned and also under CCTV surveillance where we always keep an eye upon the kids as well as on staff. We have installed R. O., water chiller, geyser etc for the students.

For the safety of the students we have installed fire extinguisher, we have nanny, guard, Counselor, school nurse etc.

Further, the foundation is also going to establish a center of excellence for nurturing students as they need to be polished to shine like gems. .


The primary purpose of SEWF is focussing upon the students as the foundation is for them. The emphasis in education would be on character building, patriotism, and cultural and moral values among the students. It provides quality education, nutritious meals and comfrotable accomodation for students. We prepare students for Civil Services, AIMS, IIT’s, IIM’s, Judiciary, Railways, Bank P.O., Management Sciences and Huminities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation is to create empowerment, leadership, foresightedness, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial skills and self discipline among students.

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