Forms can be obtained from office and fees should be paid in cash / cheque / demand draft.

Students can also apply online for various courses. They are required to submit the form along with requisite fees and supported documents. Fees should be paid through online transfer if form is submitted online. Hard copy is to be dispatched to the head office if required / demanded.


The primary purpose of SEWF is focussing upon the students as the foundation is for them. The emphasis in education would be on character building, patriotism, and cultural and moral values among the students. It provides quality education, nutritious meals and comfrotable accomodation for students. We prepare students for Civil Services, AIMS, IIT’s, IIM’s, Judiciary, Railways, Bank P.O., Management Sciences and Huminities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation is to create empowerment, leadership, foresightedness, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial skills and self discipline among students.

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