Students have to adhere and abide by the rules and regulations of the foundation failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken. Students have to follow the following Do’s and Don’ts:


Students have to maintain the decorum of the institute.

They have to come in proper uniform.

Students have to carry their I-Cards for their identity.

They must bring their text books, note books and stationary every day.

They must carry their own stationary items like geometry box, colors etc.

They must respect their teachers and supporting staff.

They must clear their dues on time.

They should be in touch with the notice boards / website for notices / circulars / information regularly. No separate intimation will be send to students regarding any matter.

Rules and regulations may be amended and students have to follow.

Students must be punctual and regular.


Students should not make noise in class and should not disturb other classes.

They should not argue or fight with each other.

They should not indulge themselves in passing comments, trespassing, discussing political issues, sarcasm, hatred speech within the campus or near the surroundings of the campus.

They should not use abusive language.

They should not indulge in destructive activities.

They should not harm or physically hurt anyone.

Students should not become the part of mob in any situation.

They should not stand in groups near the campus which may disturb the natives of society.

Students are advised not to give the reference of anyone for taking admission; otherwise admission form will summarily be rejected.

Smoking, chewing of supari / gutkha / pan / khaini etc is strictly prohibited.

Carrying of arms / weapons etc is strictly prohibited.

Entry of unauthorized persons and without permission of authorities is prohibited.


The primary purpose of SEWF is focussing upon the students as the foundation is for them. The emphasis in education would be on character building, patriotism, and cultural and moral values among the students. It provides quality education, nutritious meals and comfrotable accomodation for students. We prepare students for Civil Services, AIMS, IIT’s, IIM’s, Judiciary, Railways, Bank P.O., Management Sciences and Huminities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation is to create empowerment, leadership, foresightedness, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial skills and self discipline among students.

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